The blunder

giugno 16, 2009

Michael Leeden sull’Iran (dal Daily Dish in green)

Does Mousavi even want to change the system?  I think he does, and in any event, I think that’s the wrong question.  He is not a revolutionary leader, he is a leader who has been made into a revolutionary by a movement that grew up around him.  The real revolutionary is his wife, Zahra Rahnavard.  And the real question, the key question in all of this, is:  why did Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei permit her to become such a charismatic figure?  How could he have made such a colossal blunder?  It should have been obvious that the very existence of such a woman threatened the dark heart of the Islamic Republic, based as it is on the disgusting misogyny of its founder, the Ayatollah Khomeini.
I was told months ago that Khamenei and Mousavi had made a deal.  Mousavi would run, and win, and then slowly introduce greater freedom.  I didn’t believe it at the time, but it has seemed more and more plausible.  When somebody at the Interior Ministry called Mousavi on election night to tell him to prepare a victory statement, that was part of the deal.  But by then, the mullahs had seen their doom, and used the only weapons at their disposal:  lies and violence.  Some have asked why Khamenei used such grossly implausible numbers to “reelect” Ahmadinezhad, but that bespeaks ignorance of the mullahs:  there is no lie that will shame them.  No, the real question is why Zahra Rahnavard was given a free hand, and the real answer is that the mullahs, with Khamenei in the lead, made a blunder.


2 Risposte to “The blunder”

  1. Aaaah, copi da Sullivan senza citare eeeh!

  2. Androkos Says:

    Non ci ho pensato, nella mia mente la blogosfera è tutta lì davanti al suo blog.


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